v1 - September 2018

Thank you for using the ScaleBook iOS application. This document explains what kind of data is collected by the app, how it is managed and how you can access and delete it.

Health Data


ScaleBook allows you to record your weight. It can read weight data from other apps. The weight data is used to compute statistics that are displayed inside ScaleBook.

Weight Saving

Weight Statistics

Analytics Data

If you disabled "Share Analytics with App Developers" in the iOS Privacy settings, this section does not apply to you, as we only use data sent by Apple.

Otherwise, we use of the following anonymous data sent by Apple:

There is no identifying information in this data. We only see an aggregate of all the statistics collected by Apple.

The data sent by Apple is regulated by their own privacy policy. You can opt-out sending analytics data from the Privacy tab in the iOS Settings app.

Contact by E-mail

Bug Reports


If this privacy policy changes, you will be notified in the app at least two weeks before the change.

Contact Info

ScaleBook was developed by Alexis Aubry. You can contact us at: